WhenToGo is a site dedicated to providing the answers to the questions about “When to Go” to the different destinations around the world. The answers come from a collective effort involving experience and research.  When to Go leverages experts from different regions of the world to provide you with the best insights.

When To Go is addressing the best times to go to various countries, parks, and specialized activities. When is the best time to go on an Alaskan cruise, when is the best time to go on safari in the Serengeti, and when is the best time to explore Rio de Janeiro is just examples of the answers you can find by exploring this site.

Phillip ImlerDr. Phillip Imler is the Founder and President of When To Go.  Whether it was one of the numerous road trips throughout the United States or jet setting around the globe, he has spent much of his life traveling and exploring the world.

He has had the opportunity to explore six of the seven continents, over 30 countries, and all 50 states.   He has worked in the travel industry for 16 years.  He is the President of Seven Natural Wonders and is committed to helping people discover the amazing wonders of the world.

Dr. Imler is the lead travel correspondent with the When To Go series, however he is first to acknowledge that there are travel writers and explores who have some of the best insights.