When to go to Buenos Aires

When to go to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capitol of Argentina and it is also the largest city throughout the country. Argentina is south of the equator reversing the seasons making December through March the summer months. Travelers often leverage Buenos Aires to access the beaches or the famous Iguassu Falls.

There are many reasons to visit the country but Buenos Aires has some special reasons on all its own. Most people who travel to Buenos Aires do so for the culture, festivals and special activities.

When is the best time to go to Buenos Aires

The best time to visit Buenos Aires depends on what specifically you want to experience. Many people believe that the months of October of November are the best months because the weather is fairly comfortable, the colors abound, and it beats the crowds of the summer.


When to go to Buenos Aires for the the best Weather

THe summer months are when local and foreign visitors head to Buenos Aires to access the beaches. The summer months include December through March. During these months the cool water of the beaches are enjoyed because the temperatures reach highs of 90-100°F (35-40°C).

Now June through August are the coolest months, however August is also the driest month. The festivals tend to happen either in the fall or in the spring.

As noted above the months of October and November are probably the best for weather too because the temperature are warm enough to get out and enjoy the beaches, but the crowds are much less. This makes is more comfortable to actually use the beach for games, sand castles and running around. These months also bring out the blooms from the jacaranda trees.


When to go to Buenos Aires

When is the best time to go to Buenos Aires for activities

Carnaval (Mardi Gras): This is one of the most festive times to experience Buenos Aires and it occurs the week before lent. Visitors will find parades, street music, costumes and much more.

Fiesta de las Murgas: This is another series of festivals that occurs each weekend through February. You will find street bands, plenty of costumes, and parades creating an array of festivities and celebrations.

World Tango Festival: Argentina is famous for their festive dancing, in particularly the tango. The World Tango Festival happens every year drink the middle part of October. This does not create the crowds to keep people away, but if you enjoy spectacular dancing it is the best time to come to Buenos Aires. Make your plans early making all your reservation and getting your tickets early. This is a popular event.

Argentine Open Polo Championship: Polo enthusiasts will look to come to Buenos Aires in late November so they can experience the world’s largest and most popular polo championship.


When to go to Buenos Aires: More Info

When To Go always recommends looking at other resources for more information. You can visit the Buenos Aires Tourism Board site for additional insights on your travels to this incredible city.

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