When to go to the Dominican Republic

When to go to the Dominican Republic

When to go to the Dominican Republic?  Sharing the island with its lesser developed neighbor Haiti, the Dominican Republic is among those Caribbean islands which topped the list of the best travel destinations. One of the main reasons is because of the year-round summer weather, the white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. This paradise makes it hard for visitors to stay away.

Apart from sunbathing and relaxing on the pristine beaches, the Dominican Republic offer so much for visitors to do. Scuba diving, snorkeling and other water activities topped the list, but there are also great museums and old stone buildings reflecting the culture of this amazing island. Many visitors also enjoy dining and shopping available to those who come to explore the Dominican Republic.

When to go to the Dominican Republic

The busiest time, which usually reflects the best time to go, occurs during the months of December through February. The weather is great and there are a number of events and make this a great place for celebration and festivities. Another best time to go to the Dominican Republic occurred during the months of April and early May were crowds from spring break have left and the weather is still great before the onset of the hurricane season which starts in June.


When to go to the Dominican Republic: Weather

Like many other islands in the Caribbean, the temperatures do not fluctuate very much. Average temperatures are usually between 81°F and 87°F for almost the entire year. The only place to differs is in the mountains where the altitude can make it a little cooler. May through October is considered the rainy season on the island, however on the north side the rainy season continues through early December.

As it is with most islands in the Caribbean, the hurricane season runs from June through November with peaks occurring in the months of August and September. Visitors will still elect to go to the Dominican Republic during this timeframe because the likelihood of a hurricane is doubtful. Don’t be surprised if you experience a thunder shower or tropical storm, but apart from that you should have sunny days to enjoy the island.


When to go to the Dominican Republic: Holidays and Events

Events, festivals or celebrations are often reasons that some people choose to visit a destination. For others who want to avoid the crowds and find a more relaxing vacation, the same events and festivals can be a deterrent. It is good to know when these events are occurring so that you can plan accordingly. The best time to go to the Dominican Republic maybe during an event for some and maybe well after the event for others. Here is a look at some of the key celebrations for the Dominican Republic:

  • Puerto Plata – A festival the extends the entire third week of June that celebrates the culture and customs of the Dominican Republic.  Visitors should experience music, art, dances and more.  It is an extremely colorful and lively week of celebrations.


  • Dominical Republic Carnival – Locally known as Carnaval Dominicano, this celebration last the entire month of February featuring parades, competitions and a variety of complementary events.  The celebration peaks on February 27th which is the countries independence day from Haiti. The celebration is captivated by lots of color, exciting voices, lively dancing and spirited music as locals and visitors from around the world celebrate with the country. For some this is an ideal time to travel to the Dominican Republic for an exciting adventure. For those who want more quiet and relaxation, you may want to avoid the month of February.


  • La Vega Carnival – the most historical carnival on the island dating back to the 1500s. This Carnival is celebrated each Sunday throughout the month of February. This only adds to the crowns and excitement of the Dominican Republic Carnival which celebrates the countries independence. There are lots of beach parties, drinking and dancing during the celebration. One of the key facets of these festivities include the colorful devil costumes with the vibrant dancing that follow suit. Without question, music is one of the key ingredients during the celebrations. This is a great time to be in the Dominican Republic if you like the party and festival season. If you’re looking for quiet relaxation way to later March and even April.


When to go to the Dominican Republic: More Info

The Dominican Republic shares the island with the country of Haiti. These are two different worlds with Dominican Republic being the more celebrated island. If you are looking to take a vacation to the Dominican Republic, we recommend that you explore other sites for more information. It is always good to look through other resources to help you plan the best vacation possible. Here you can explore the Dominican Republic tourism office site for more information.




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