When to go to Huangshan Mountain

When to go to Huangshan Mountain

When to go to Huangshan Mountain?  Known by much of the world as China’s loveliest mountain, Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) covers an area of almost 100 squarer miles fascinating photographers, painters, poets and other tourists who come to the site on a pilgrimage.

When in the area, tourists have so much to enjoy but among those that they shouldn’t miss are the sea of clouds, the beautiful sunset and sunrise over the mountain, the nice bath at the hot springs, the gracious and peaceful ancient villages at the foot of Huangshan Mountain and the taste of the popular Maofeng Tea.

When to go to Huangshan Mountain

Considering the climate, the perfect time of the year to visit the area is between April and October. Why? It’s because Huangshan Mountain is mostly green during these months. The whole area seems rather quiet with wonderful sights everywhere to enjoy.


Best Time to go to Huangshan Mountain based on the Weather

when to go to Huangshan MountainThe Huangshan region has four seasons but they’re described as shorter autumn and spring and longer winter and summer. The average temperature in the area for the whole areas is 62°F (16.4°C ). To give you a better idea of what to expect to find when visiting, below are brief descriptions of attractions for every season:

  • Spring – The weather during this season is great – hills are green, the mountains feature various colors, the flowers blossom and the streams gurgle through the valleys.
  • Summer – This is the perfect time for cloud viewing. What tourists will see are dynamic waterfalls that look amazing with the clear waters of the mountain streams.
  • Autumn – Imagine a traditional Chinese painting and this is what you’ll find in the area. Take a pleasurable view of the read leaves that blanket the area of Huangshan Mountain.
  • Winter – According to many tourists, the area’s winder landscapes are most remarkable. This is an off peak season, which is the best time to travel for those who are working on a budget.


When to go to Huangshan Mountain for tourist related activities

Every year, several festivals are held all throughout China so when visiting the Huangshan Mountain region, you may want to schedule your trip during one of the following festivals:


  • Confucius Festival – This is a celebration of the birthday of Confucius, a great philosopher and thinker who is very popular not only in China but in the whole world. During the festival, cultural events take place which include musical performances, dances and staging of sacrificial rites held in front of the temple of Confucius.
  • Chinese New Year – If you want to witness the most significant festival in the country, you can schedule your travel to Huangshan Mountain during the celebration of the Chinese New Year which happens between late January and early February. This is the time when families get together to celebrate, people gives gifts to each other, houses are thoroughly cleaned, everyone cuts their hair and new cloths are bought and worn during this special celebration.

Traveling and visiting a country during one of their traditional celebrations is one of the best ways to get a taste of the culture.


More information on when to go explore Huangshan Mountain

When To Go always recommends looking at other resources for more information. You can visit the Huangshan Tours for additional insights on your travels to to one of China’s most special and mysterious mountains.

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