When to go to Puerto Rico

When to go to Puerto Rico

The ‘Island of Enchantment’Is how many locals and tourists look at Puerto Rico, one of the most exciting of islands in the Caribbean. People often attest to the simple charm, bars, beaches, historical district, shopping and so much more. Although a small island, Puerto Rico has the largest population among the Caribbean islands with over 4 million of the people calling at home. The locals love Puerto Rico but they’re ready to welcome visitors and ready to show off the island’s charm and culture.

Visitors who come to Puerto Rico will find old forts and rustic charm that takes you back to the days of pirates. The historical part of old town Puerto Rico is full of shops and restaurants that both reflect the culture of the Caribbean and the island of Puerto Rico.


When to go to Puerto Rico

the best time to visit Puerto Rico is between mid December and late April. These are the sunny and dryer months and void of the heat that shows up during the summer. Although you can visit Puerto Rico  throughout the year, these are the best months. January and April may be the best months within this period, because there are less crowds from the spring break college students and families escaping the cold and the North.


When to go to Puerto Rico: Weather

Weather is one of the key factors of people consider when making their decisions about when to go.  The good news is that Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean islands that makes it a tropical destination with fairly good weather year-round. Throughout the year the temperatures range from 73°F to 86°F. The more comfortable whether occurs during the month between December through April.

Hurricane season opens up in June and runs through November. The news is the traveler still possible during these months because the likelihood of a hurricane is doubtful. The months of June, July, August are warmer making outdoor water activities welcomed and more fun. If you look to travel to Puerto Rico during this timeframe, please be aware there is a greater chance of experiencing a thunder shower or tropical storm. But the majority of days will be warm and full of sunshine. The benefit of traveling during this season, is that the rates for accommodations and airfare may easily be reduced.


When to go to Puerto Rico: Holidays and Events

There are many colorful Latin festivals to witness in Puerto Rico so you may want to schedule your visit in order to coincide with these well attended events. For others who are looking for a more quiet outing, one of these festivals might be the reason to schedule a different week. Festivals are popular in Puerto Rico and there are number of them occur throughout the year.  Here is a list of some of the more popular events:


  • Casals Festival –  One of the most renowned annual events is this festival which occurs every February.


  • Juan Bautista Day – On June 24th, the entire island recognizes the island’s patron saint with a week long celebration.  The week of celebrations features sporting events and music festivals throughout the week leading up to the holiday.  One of the traditions is to walk backwards into the ocean three times to renew good luck for the coming year.


  • Hatillo Maska Festival – Christmas is a special time in Puerto Rico with many celebrations.  One particular festival is the Hatillo Maska which brings the story of King Herod’s plan to kill infant boys in order to kill the baby Jesus.  Men will wear colorful masks which represent the soldiers of King Herod and then ride through the city “looking for children.”  In addition to this rendition of the story, visitors will also find food, music and exhibits that showcase local crafts.


  • Puerto Heritage Artisans Fair – Another December celebration is this fair.  It is considered the best and easily one of the largest showcasing more than 100 artisans who exhibit and sell their creations.  The event takes place at the magnificent Luis Muñoz Rivera Park and features cultural food and drink in the celebrations.


  • Three Kings Day – On January 6th, across the island you will find festivals with music, dancing, puppet shows, troubadours, and parades.  Those celebrating will also engage in the traditional feast as well as exchanging gifts.


  • San Sebastian Street Festival – One of the most popular street parties around.  This festival occurs mid January in Old San Juan and features parades, music and lots of food.  Bars and clubs open their doors making it easy for the partying, dancing and music to occur between the bars and the streets.


  • Coffee Harvest Festival – A three day festival that occurs in the middle of February.  The festival denotes the end of the coffee harvest and features a parade, handmade craft exhibition, live music, and local food.  The festival is also historical showcasing past and present coffee tools and techniques.  Coffee lovers should expect tasting and enjoying a variety of coffee encounters.


When to go to Puerto Rico: More Info

Puerto Rico is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. The island offers an array of events and activities that attracts just about every visitor. It is important for you to visit other sites and resources together information that you plan your trip to Puerto Rico. You can access the Puerto Rico tourism office through this site here.

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