When to go to South Africa

When to go to South Africa

When To Go to South Africa? South Africa is a country located at the furtherest most southern part of Africa. South Africa features Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, shark diving, and great beaches. These are just a few of the highlights for reasons to travel to South Africa. When to go is dependent upon what you want to do, but there are preferred seasons to visit this spectacular country.

The climate and environment vary across South Africa. Although there are similarities with the temperatures and conditions, when to go can easily be affected by where you want to go.


When To Go to South Africa: Weather and Seasons

Seasonally speaking, the summer months run from December through March, autumn as April and May, winter June through August, and spring is September and November. Outdoor activities that are better in the warmth will be enjoyed the most during the summer months of December through March. Locals tend to experience vacation between mid December and mid-January, which can add to the busyness of the beaches and outdoor activities.

If you are traveling from the north, you will more than likely appreciate the months of February and March. These months provide the warm sunny days for enjoying the outdoors and with a little less crowds. This is particularly the case for the coastal destinations.
The summer days, away from the breezes of the shores, can be rather hot and muggy. Don’t be surprised if breezes turn into stronger gusts of wind.

The spring months of October and November deliver flowering vibrations across the coasts and other regions. Although not usually recognized as a reason to visit this southern country, the blossoms can enhance a stay.


When To Go to South Africa: Viewing Wildlife

You can experience wildlife in one of the national parks of South Africa throughout any time of the year. However the best months to go for viewing bigger game run from the months of May through August. The months of June and July are probably considered the best and these also bring high season rates.


When To Go to South Africa: Holidays

It is always good to avoid travel during the holiday times from the local area. These breaks increase the crowds on the beaches and in other attractions. One of the primary periods to avoid is Easter weekend. Along with Easter weekend, South African students receive a 10 day school vacation. This makes it easy for families to take vacations and holiday travels around the area.

December through mid-January features a variety of holidays across the country. A second school break occurs from late September through the first week of October.


When To Go to South Africa: More Info

When To Go always recommends looking at other resources for more information. You can visit the South Africa Tourism Board for additional insights on your travels to South Africa.

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