When to go to Bali

When to go to Bali

When to go to Bali, Indonesia? Chances are you’ve seen postcards and computer wallpapers displaying the most serene beach full of perfect white sand along even more perfect blue waters. And chances are some of those pictures were taken in Bali.

Although not the capital of Indonesia, Bali still manages to attract tourists, honeymooners and backpackers from all over the world throughout the entire year.  Bali Indonesia is one of the best Southeast Asia destinations.  Traveling to this part of the country is well worth the effort.

When to go to Bali Indonesia: Weather

Located just 8 degrees south of the equator makes for some very tropical weather. Temperatures during the day range between 80-90 degrees F but with a humidity level at about 75%, temperatures can begin to feel much hotter than they really are. With two distinct seasons of dry and wet, although the wet season doesn’t receive as much rain as other Southeast Asian countries.

Monsoon season in Bali normally means wind instead of rain and it occurs between the months of April to October. For surfers, the most ideal time to visit Bali is in the dry season (April to October) where the western side of the peninsula boasts some of the world’s best waves.  Just so happens to coincide with the monsoon weather.

The best time to visit based on popularity is during the months of June through September.  Unfortunately, this also drives up the rates at hotels in the area.  The dry season starts in April, which makes the months of April, May and late September the best time to go to take advantage of the weather, lower rates and less crowds.

When to go to Bali Indonesia: Festivals and Events

Arts Festival: From every second Saturday in June to the second Saturday of July, there’s a huge Arts Festival that celebrates a number of performances and exhibitions of various kinds. This includes several achievements and an absorbing Kite Festival.

Galungan: This is Bali’s most important festival of the year and lasts ten days throughout the entire island. It is believed that during this festival, all the Balinese gods descend to earth for the festivities. On the last day of the festival, it is a day of prayer and a spiritual ceremony is held for the spirits of the Balinese’s ancestors.

Nyepi: This festival is an interesting one, seeing as it is dedicated as an entire full day of silence. Falling on the day after the new moon on the ninth month, it is celebrated as the Balinese New Year. If you are traveling there on this day, be prepared for closed shops and restaurants as there is no activity at all.

When to go to Bali: More Info

Although Bali celebrates fun festivals and has an assortment of activities available for its visitors, it is also an excellent place to simply relax and take in the beauty around you. For more information on traveling to Bali, check out http://www.bali-indonesia.com/culture/festival.htm

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