When to go to Fraser Island

When to go to Fraser Island

When to go to Fraser Island? As the largest sand island in the world and its fantastic location along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia it is one place where guaranteed fun, excitement and excellent weather are included in a visit here. Whether you are planning to camp, explore the rainforests or simply lay beachside in the sand you need to figure out the most ideal time for you to head over to this beautiful island.

Fraser Island also has the distinction and recognition of being one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Oceania.  As the largest sand island in the world and the collective options available for exploring nature, the island makes for a spectacular destination for nature lovers.

Best time to go to Fraser Island based on Weather

Because Fraser Island is located only 500 kilometers away from the Tropic of Capricorn, the climate consists of warm temperatures throughout the entire year. However, the average temperatures do vary depending on the season and it would be wise to take into account that because they fall below the southern hemisphere, chances are their seasons are opposite of those in your home country.

Best Time to go to Fraser IslandWinter: The winter months are from May to August where the temperatures tend to range from 57-77 degrees F (14-25 C). These are the drier months of the year and it is less likely that you will see much rainfall if you decide to visit the island during this season.

Summer: September through until about April the temperatures increase to around 73-86 degrees F (23-30 C). The most rainfall occurs between the months of January and March. If you are staying more inland then chances of more rainfall are much higher than that compared to staying more towards the coastline.

It is important to be aware that because it is a subtropical climate on Fraser Island, occasional storms (sometimes severe) are always a possibility so be sure to stay up to date on current weather before heading to the island.

When to go to Fraser Island based on Activities

Fraser Island has a plethora of activities ready and available to all who come to visit. Depending on what you prefer to do on your holiday and the activities you are hoping to take part in, be sure to plan accordingly based on the best times throughout the year to go.

Fishing: Between July and October is the absolute best time to head out to sea with the best chances great catch. The waters of Fraser Island are teeming with a variety of fish making this activity one of the top ones on the island for visitors to enjoy. Fishing tours are available to take you out where they have found July and August to be the prime fishing season based on what fish are found in the waters at that time.

Whale Watching: There is a short window of time for whale watching and it occurs between the months of July through beginning of November. You can book a tour and head out to see the gentle giants of the sea up close and personal. If you’re lucky enough to be there at the right time, certain tours can take you out to Hervey Bay, the worlds whale watching capital where you can witness the countless Humpback whales migrating towards the south.

Bird Watching: If you have already spent some time in the waters and are looking for an activity on land, try bird watching from either August-March or September-April. The eastern curlew, the largest migratory wader can be seen from August-March where you can witness beautiful birds taking flight off to their next destination. You can even sign up for a guided bird watching walk if you want to learn more about the birds you are seeing.

Hiking: Fraser Island is an excellent place to go out exploring through hiking the beautiful landscapes it has to offer. The forests are full of beautiful and diverse flora and fauna. Be prepared to breathe in the fresh smell of wildflowers and massive trees swaying in the wind. Although hiking can be done throughout the year, the best time to partake in this activity would be in the winter months where the chance of rainfall is less likely and the temperatures are cooler. No matter what time of the year you decide to go hiking on Fraser Island always remember to stay extremely hydrated and dress appropriately.

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