When to go to Jamaica

When to go to Jamaica

Jamaica is a destination for visitors frequent all year long because the weather was fairly consistent and the island has so much to offer travelers. Jamaica is home of the Rastafarian movement along with the reggae music that it has become famous for. The island is one of the larger islands in the Caribbean making it a challenge to check off everything in a single trip.

Jamaica delivers great beaches, mountain escapes, and beautiful waterfalls. The island even features the famous waterfall that visitors climb and play in the water throughout the day. The island features lots of history and culture along with a variety of musical entertainment.

When to go to Jamaica

If you explore other articles related to islands in Jamaica you will find a common theme. Generically speaking the best months to visit occur between December through April. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds while still experiencing the better weather, you could probably narrow your target travels down to the month of April and early May. Here you will find great weather and the crowds of college students from spring break have all returned back to their campuses.


When to go to Jamaica: Weather

The best time to visit Jamaica based on the weather is between the months of December through April.  Although some of the rains will show up in April, these months represents the dryer time of the year. The average temperatures range from 71°F to 88°F throughout the year. This means the island is comfortable year-round.

June introduces the beginning of the hurricane season which runs through November. Many visitors will still elect to travel to Jamaica during these months because the likelihood of a hurricane is doubtful. However they are rewarded with lower rates and less crowds. As a visitor, you should still expect sunny days for your vacation, however there is a greater chance for a thunderstorm or tropical shower. The good news is these range usually come in brief spurts in the sun usually comes out right behind them.


When to go to Jamaica: Holidays & Events

Jamaica is famous for reggae and related musical celebrations. Many Bob Marley fans from around the world traveled to Jamaica to join in the celebration of this popular reggae music artist’s birthday that happens every February. This is one of the most celebrated events in the island given an excuse for everyone to party all night and enjoyed his music.

Another popular event is the Fat Tyre Festival which brings mountain bikers from across the globe to experience the many different trails throughout the island. This annual event usually takes place in late February and features a series of parties and bicycle races throughout the week.

Both of these are popular events that happen on the island. For some this is a reason to come and be a part of the festivities were as for others it might be a reason to look for different week.


When to go to Jamaica: More Info

Jamaica’s a common destination in the Caribbean. This gem of an island offer so many different things whether historical, cultural, or leveraging the beautiful outdoors. When it comes to exploring Jamaica and planning for your vacation to the silent, it is important that you look at other resources for additional information. You can review the Jamaica tourism site here.

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