When to go to London

When to go to London

When to go to London?  Most people look to visit London for a cultural, historical or unique city experience. London has numerous museums, festivals, and celebrations throughout the year making it an ongoing destination.

Visitors can look forward to Buckingham Palace, parliament, London bridge, and the tower of London.  These are just some of the attractions that await travelers who wish to rub shoulders with royalty.  In addition to the distinguishing attractions of the royal rulers, London delivers class and culture through an array of opera and theater opportunities.

When to go to London

The best time to see most of London is during the months of May, June and September when you want fair weather conditions accompanied by less crowds. People visit London year round because the city is always open, so you can go at anytime.

The peak season for visiting London occurs during the months of July and August.  It is during these months that you have the greatest probabilities for nicer weather.  It is during these months that the majority of tourists (both local and international) show up to experience London and the attractions she has to offer.  The rates for accommodations are higher as would be expected.

Unless you plan to spend your time indoors with the theater, opera and museums, then the months of June and July are the best.  Getting outside and walking the streets, navigating around the attractions and exploring the city by bus and foot is the best way to take in all that the city has to offer.


Best Time to go to London for the Weather

Best time to go to LondonLet’s face it, London can be chilly and rainy any time of the year. The average highs range from 48°F (9°C ) to 74°F (23°C ) and when the temperatures do sporadically get below or above these ranges it is for short periods at a time.

The best weather occurs during the months of July and August with the average high being around 74°F (23°C ). With all the rain and the nearby river, London is subject to muggy humidity when the temperatures start getting higher. These two months would still be best when it comes to weather.

May, June and September make for nice alternatives. The weather is a little cooler with the nights even being cold, but the number of tourists out and about is considerably less.

October through March is the cold winter months. You can still visit London and enjoy the various culture and city attractions, but be prepared for shorter days that are accompanied by cold and rain. These months can be even worse when wind joins the cold and rain. During these months you can expect average lows around 35-40°F (2-6°C ) and average highs around 48-52°F (9-11°C )


When to go to London: Sport & Leisure

Exploring London by leveraging the iconic red double decker buses is one of the best ways to see the city. These and other tour buses travel regularly around the city with scheduled stops at all of the historic and significant tourist attractions. You can secure a pass that allows you to get on and off the bus as desired.

With these buses you are provided with the opportunity to get off at one stop and then walk around and explore the area. You can visit any tourist attraction as long as you want and then move on to the next one. As noted, July and August are the months that are more likely to have good weather (however this is always a gamble) for being out and about outdoors. These months are also the most crowded with tourist, and lines to attractions can get longer.

If you are visiting London for the opera and theater, the weather becomes less significant. The literary and historical tours get you outside and the weather plays a greater part in how much you enjoy the experience.

Wimbledon: One of the most famous sporting events from around the world is the tennis tournament held in London every year. The event takes place during the last part of June and the first part of July.

Changing of the Guard: The changing of the guard occurs at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Palace and at the Horse Guards Arch. Here are the times for the changing of the guard at each location:

  • Buckingham Palace – 11:30am
  • Horse Guards Arch – 11:00am (except on Sundays 10:00am)
  • Windsor Castle – 11:00am


When to go to London: More Info

When To Go always recommends looking at other resources for more information. You can visit the London Tourism Board for additional insights on your travels to this magnificent city.

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