When to go to the Virgin Islands

When to go to the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands, formally known as the stomping ground for the Pirates of the seas, is now a Caribbean paradise for travelers. This is one of the most visited tropical destinations around the world with thousands of travelers arriving by cruise ship or plane on a daily basis. Shopping, beaches, historical sites, and a variety of island activities make this spectacular destination.

The Virgin Islands take pride in offering some of the best sandy beaches around. Looking at St. John’s Trunk Bay, St. Thomas’ Magens Bay, or Tortola’s Cane Garden Bay, it is hard to decide which one is the best. There are other hidden beaches along with tranquil hiking trails and an array of water sport activities to engage the outdoors.

When to go to the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands, as a tropical destination, or fairly accessible all year long. The best time of year to explore these islands is during the months between April and June. This is when the weather is most comfortable in the outdoor activities or most enjoyable. Please note that this is high season and you should expect rates for accommodations to be full fare.


When to go to the Virgin Islands: Weather

The Virgin Islands are tropical destination providing fairly consistent weather. Temperatures vary from 73°F to 89°F.   the cooler months of January, February and March usually have a low around 73°F with a high around 84°F.  June, July, and August represent the warmer months with a low around 80°F and a high reaching 89°F.

The months with the best weather occur between late March through the middle of June where the average low temperature is around 77°F in the average high around 86°F. It is during these months the weather is considered at its best. The good news is that with the ocean breezes even the warmer months were still pretty comfortable.

The Virgin Islands offer almost a daily affair with the sunshine. Rain can happen at any time but the winter months of December, January, and February are considered the dry season. One thing to pay attention to is the hurricane season which runs from June through November. Although it actually experiencing a hurricane is dealt will, there is a greater chance that a tropical storm will impede upon your vacation.

December through the early part of June provides the best window of desire weather, with the months of April and May being the best.


When to go to the Virgin Islands: Holidays & Events

For some, holidays and events can be reasons to visit the Virgin Islands because of various activities and celebrations.  These travelers like the parties, the noise, and the hustle and bustle.

However, for others this is a reason to avoid traveling there because of the crowds.  These travelers usually prefer things more casual and quiet for relaxing and leisurely  going about their day. It is good to know when these festivals and events occur so that you can plan accordingly whether you want to be there or prefer not be.


  • St. John Festival –  a month long celebration that runs from the beginning of June through July 4th.  The celebration features concerts, calypso shows, a parade, dance parties, beauty pageants, and fireworks.  This celebration is also referred to as “carnival”


  • Virgin Gorda Easter Festival – approximately a week long celebration that happens around the end of March and first part of April.  This celebration also features the calypso monarch competition parade with other nightly celebrations, dancing and fun entertainment.  Watch the calendar for the Easter weekend.


  • Mardi Gras – an annual parade and celebration often accompanied by lots of drinking and parties.  This celebration usually takes place in early March.


When to go to the Virgin Islands: Resources and More Info

As you explore and plan for your trip to the Virgin Islands, is always good to look at a variety of resources for information that equips you for having the best experience possible. Here is a site for learning more about the British Virgin Islands, while turning to this site for the official US Virgin Islands information.


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