When to go to Stockholm

When to go to Stockholm

When to go to Stockholm? One of the most visited countries in Scandinavia, tourists can be found in Stockholm year round. With famous Swedish cuisines, museums and islands to explore make Stockholm a unique and fun place to visit.

Stockholm serves as a gateway to the country providing visitors with access to an amazing city along with the abundance of nature attractions found in the country.  Visitors can even hope for an encounter with the Aurora Borealis, which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

When to go to Stockholm based on weather

Although the many visitors rave about the friendly people and beauty of Stockholm, the only recurring complaint always seems to be the weather. Because of its location, the weather is influenced much by the Gulf Stream, which is why it becomes rather harsh at certain times of the year.

Summer: Most people choose to visit Stockholm during the summer months of June through August where the weather is at its absolute best. With the most sunny days of the whole year and temperatures reaching to an average of 64 degrees F, visitors will truly get to enjoy being outside and taking in all that the city has to offer.

Spring and Fall: One of the best things about visiting Stockholm during the spring or fall is being able to witness the beautiful flowers that are in full bloom. Some would say that these two seasons are even more glorious than the sunny summer months. The only problem is the high chance of rain during your stay in the spring or fall.

Winter: Starting as early as October, the winter season sets in and everyone gets bundled up for the next five months or so. If visiting during this time, be sure to pack accordingly and know that temperatures can decrease to an average of 26 degrees F. Rain is almost guaranteed so be sure to also grab an umbrella while you are there!

When to go to Stockholm based on seasons

High season: It’s no surprise that Stockholm’s high or peak season is in the summer. Because of this, flights into the city tend to be considerably more expensive as well as accommodation prices. Along with great weather, a lot of cafes and attractions are opened up ready and welcoming all visitors to enjoy, unlike the off-season. Festivals and events are more common during the peak season, which offer visitors an exciting and fun alternative to just sightseeing.

Low season: With the sometimes unbearable winter months, it should come of no shock that this is the low season for the city. Although with strings of Christmas lights and markets throughout, the high tourist numbers tend to drop substantially. However, if you do find yourself in Stockholm during this time, there are numerous dance, ballet and theaters open that offer the perfect escape from the cold weather.

Best time to go to StockholmBest time to go to Stockholm for Festivals and Events

The best times to go to Stockholm based on festivals and events depends on your interest.  For some large festivals are reasons not to go in order to avoid the crowds.  For others, it is the time to engage in the festivities and the whole reason to go.  Below are some events and festivals that you may want to avoid and leverage to enhance your travels to Stockholm:

Stockholm Early Music Festival: Lasting four days in early June of every year, you will find a rather impressive roster of both established and new artists from Sweden and throughout Europe. Taking place in Gamla Stan, you can enjoy music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and baroque periods.

Stockholm Pride Week: The biggest gay Pride celebration in Scandinavia, this week draws in the most crowds of any other event of the year. Five days full of parties and entertainment that is sure to give any visitors (no matter their orientation) a truly unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. The actual parade takes place on Saturday.

Stockholm International Film Festival: This leading competitive film festival in all of northern Europe, provides a ten-day festival that has provided an opportunity for young filmmakers to make a bigger name for themselves and get the recognition they deserve. If you happen to be in Stockholm during mid-November be sure to not miss this event!

Christmas Markets: One of the good things about the winter months are amazing Christmas markets, especially Skansen’s Christmas Market that is one of the biggest in the entire country. Operated during the weekends, you will find unique Swedish crafts and products such as Christmas ornaments, treats and food, hand-dipped candles and so much more that you will be able to take home to family and friends or use to decorate your own house for the holidays!

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